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Attention-Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Evaluation and Treatment

ADHD is problematic for students, and because of the ways ADHD interferes with a student’s success, it is important that attentional concerns are identified and addressed. When a student requires classroom accommodations for ADHD and/or other learning disabilities, documentation is provided to the school.

Because several factors can mimic aspects of ADHD, it is important to critically assess each individual presenting with ADHD -like symptoms. The evaluation will include: an initial interview; test administration, scoring, and interpretation; a written report; and an interpretive conference. The results of the evaluation may be subsequently useful in determining such things as: appropriate educational placement; the need for tutorial support and/or accommodations; avenues for self-help; and the advisability of medical intervention.

The Two-Tiered ADHD Evaluation:
The Bethesda Group offers two levels of evaluation, depending upon your individual situation; and the testing psychologist with whom you consult will discuss your history with you in order to determine what level of evaluation is indicated. First, in the presence of a history (or suspicion) of learning disabilities, a more comprehensive psychological evaluation may be recommended. A comprehensive evaluation is required by schools and universities, and by standardized testing organizations, in order to apply for accommodations. That evaluation takes approximately seven to eight hours and includes testing in the following categories:

  • Intellectual abilities testing
  • Educational achievement testing
  • Neuropsychological test battery - testing in the areas of attentional functioning, organizational skills, motor skills, receptive and expressive language abilities, visual-perceptual and visuo-constructive abilities, reasoning and problem-solving abilities, and learning and memory.
  • Personality screening to assess personality style, current coping skills, and social-emotional state.

When appropriate, a Focused ADHD Evaluation may be employed. It takes three to four hours and its primary purpose is to screen for ADHD. The Focused ADHD Evaluation includes the following:

  • Intellectual assessment
  • Self-report and co-lateral report (usually from parents) of current and historical behavior and symptoms
  • Assessment of attentional capacities
  • Additional features may be evaluated as indicated, requiring additional time.

Why Testing?
A testing psychologist is a licensed professional, with broad knowledge of brain-behavior relationships, who applies principles of assessment and intervention based upon the scientific study of human behavior. As pediatric psychologists, we have extensive training in working with children, adolescents, and young adults, and an in-depth understanding of developmental brain processes, and are skilled in working with specialists from the many environments - including school, home, and community - in which he or she is expected to function. At The Bethesda Group, we work collaboratively with parents, teachers, and the health care team to formulate treatment plans and to recommend learning strategies and to maximize the student’s strengths and improve or accommodate his or her weaknesses.

What is a Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation?
A Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation is an assessment of thinking and behavior using standardized tests and procedures. Areas assessed usually include: intelligence, academic achievement, language, attention, learning and memory, visual-perceptual skills, motor abilities, the abilities to plan, organize and solve problems (executive functions), mood regulation and personality traits. These evaluations may include some of the same tests as a school–based evaluation, but differ from school evaluations in assessing a broader range of skills and interpreting findings in relation to brain processes.

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